Friday, September 11, 2009

In Rememberance

Yes. It's that day. The day that everyone says the world changed. But back in 2001, when I was a measly 4th grader, my world didn't change. I remember this day every year. I remember exactly how I found out. I was in class, and an announcement came on the loud speaker notifying the teachers to check their e-mail immediately. We didn't know about any of it until after school. My dad came to walk home with me, which I thought was strange since I was old enough to walk the block by myself. Little did I know that he only greeted me early to tell me what happened.

(Look behind him!) Tourist Guy

For me, though, I live my life everyday, hardly thinking about what happened today, 8 years ago. But today, I will think about it. We watched The Day the Towers Fell, a History Channel documentary on the images and video from 9/11, today in graphics. I've seen a ton of pictures of the towers, but I teared up when I saw the pictures of people's faces as they watched the towers fall. The horror and pain that they felt was captured in that exact moment.
So, here I am. Remembering. I hope you take a second to remember, too.

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