Friday, September 4, 2009

Freaky Friday

Recently, I've seen a lot of freaky crap. Hence, Freaky Friday. Today, I'll share with you some freaky fucked-up ways people are getting drunk. And you guessed it, they're not just drinking anymore.

First up, and worst, are the vodka tampons and anal beer bongs. It's exactly what it sounds like.

Not only does this weird me out, but it's horribly damaging to people's bodies. Especially young women who may not even be menstruating yet.

Secondly, another use for tampons. A quick youtube search presented a plethora of videos of people sticking tampons in vodka bottles, and then sucking the alcohol out of them. Technically, they're still drinking it, but the thought of putting a tampon in your mouth grosses me out, even though it really is just a wad of cotton.

Lastly is the snorting method. If you didn't think drinking alcohol went to your senses quick enough, this will definitely fit the bill. Great way to fuck up your brain, and probably nose. I mean, freak up.

This is such a good way to kick off the weekend...

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