Thursday, July 23, 2009


Yesterday I went to Target with my mom and aunt and our first stop once inside was the clearance bins, of course. There, I found a set of 8 blank cards (4 with polka dots, 4 without), and a little spool of 6 ribbons, a yard each. They were both only $1 so I got them (well, my mom technically got them). Since then I've been busy decorating my cards. So far I only know what I'm going to do with one of them and I've made three.

Here are a couple of my projects:

1) I don't really like the cloud so I'm toying with putting ribbon on it to make the shape a little more cloud-like. For this one I just glued the ribbon directly onto the card.

2)On this one, I started with a paper cut-out of a heart and glued the ribbon onto that so I could go in after and trim it down. Before attaching the heart to the card it looked like this:

I can't post the third card quite yet because it's being sent to someone who might see this and I want them to see it in their mailbox before they do on the internet!

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