Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Brake for turtles

Last friday afternoon I departed from my lovely abode in suburbia for the great expanse that is Lake Winnepesaukee. We have just discovered the dial-up here, thus the wait for contact. 
The week so far has delivered us bleak weather, the only sunny day being last Saturday. However, we have managed to go sailing three times, once being caught in the rain.

On our way to the market in Wolfeboro, a guy blocked our way for a turtle who was hobbling across the street. I know that in most places, people would stop to usher a turtle across the street, but this man's kindness and the friendliness of the people around here was a nice way to start off my summer. That, and finishing off two books from my pile.

A nice salad I made: Mixed baby greens, carrots, tomatoes, almonds, goat cheese with cranberries, and french vinaigrette.

p.s. I coming home today.

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