Monday, October 12, 2009

Manicure Monday

I've kind of abandoned Manicure Monday lately, mostly for the reason that I've been doing everyone else's nails instead of my own. But here are the two colors I've been rocking for the past few weeks.
Russian Navy by OPI

Princesses Rule by OPI
(It's a lot pinker & sparklier in person... very princess-y in fact.)

It's been pretty perfectly autumnal lately so I'm thinking a deep maroon will be next.

By the way, these Jac Vanek bracelets are growing on me. A few girls at school have been wearing Vanek bracelets for a while now and at first I thought they were really lame, but they could be good with the right outfit (and this shirt, ha). But Miley & Mandy jumping on the band wagon gives me doubts.

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