Saturday, October 3, 2009


Remember making dioramas?? I miss that.
Despite the Dior spring 2010 r-t-w being predominantly lingerie-like, I liked a handful of Galliano's designs . To give a bit of background, "he seized his advantage, melding a soft, delightfully thought-out version of the idea into a show with a forties film noir theme. Galliano said he found the cinematic cue while thinking about Lauren Bacall... That central character—a provocative, smoldering femme fatale with a side-parted, over-one-eye hairdo and red lips—gave him free reign to script a wardrobe narrative. It started with abbreviated wartime trenchcoats, flipped through silver lamé dresses, arrived at a sequence in which the heroine is seen in her scanties, and then followed her out to make a drop-dead entrance in some nightclub or other." (

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More to come regarding Fall Fashion Weeks in the near future.

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