Saturday, June 6, 2009

Megan Mcisaac

I found my new blog obsession, Megan McIsaac's tumblr, by way of her flickr. She has mixes that you can download (for free!) in the side bar, but basically it's music and her photography and her stories. I've been reading page after page of her previous posts today, and she has thoughtful things to say. She moved out to Portland, Oregon - which is at the top of my travel list right now because it's so cool - and is couch surfing and doing some commercial photography and selling prints to save up some cash. She has taken pictures of all the interesting characters she has met along her journey. I love how her photographs capture complete moments.

All from Megan McIsaac's Flickr

I downloaded this song from one of Megan's playlists. I love it for some reason. Sorry they didn't have a good video of it... They're coming to Noho in August.
There's a lot more I wanted to blog about, but not now, so expect more from me soon.
Have a nice Saturday night!

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  1. awh lady, this means so much, thank you beyond words :)