Monday, November 30, 2009


As some of you may know, I love yoga. Last fall, I got back into it, after a five year break from practice in which I was a nosy irritating tween, and early teen.

Despite my love of yoga, classes in this area are freaking expensive. Yet lately, with a little more free time, and a need for some downright relaxation, I'm turning to the internet for my practices. I've searched the yoga podcasts high and low for something that will suit my needs, and think I've finally found it.

Sofi Dillof presents the Jivamukti Yoga Podcast, and it's fantastic. Since I'm just starting to get back into the flow, it's difficult but not too hardcore. Jivamukti combines both a spiritual practice with the classic Vinyasa.

However, have no fear, if you want something totally hardcore and intense, there's also Power Yoga with Dave Farmar. His classes are long and strenuous, I have yet to complete one. But it's definitely a goal to work toward.

Before you get all gung ho to set out and do some crazy yoga exercise, though, bear in mind that the previous two podcasts are spoken word only, and will not show you how to do the poses.

For a good video, check out YOGAmazing, with Chaz Rough

Happy exercising!

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